Citizen Engineering focuses on the individual success and development of each team member. Our size makes us nimble and able to adapt to our clients’ needs, with everyone on our team playing vital roles in the success of our projects. Whether it’s a decision on a routine internal operational task or a complex, high-profile development, we trust our people to make the informed choices that will keep the project on track and moving forward.

For every project, we pick and choose the right people for the job, assembling a custom team of experts whose skills gel perfectly with the project objectives. And because all of our team members collaborate so closely on so many projects, the process is efficient, effective and productive.



Robert Candler, owner of Citizen Engineering, has more than 15 years of experience working on public and private development projects of all sizes. Over the course of his career he’s learned that treating projects like a commodity is never the best way to do business—it’s personal relationships that ensure the best results. Whether it’s collaborating closely with clients to outline project deliverables or utilizing his strong partnerships with local agency review staff, governing officials and private developers, Candler delivers tireless service in pursuit of his clients’ objectives.



Erin Clayton joined Citizen Engineering with ten years of experience in business development and office management. Her history in real estate law, construction, and community management help with her ability to focus on Citizen’s specialized client needs while contributing to the firm’s personalized relationships with its customers. She studied Health and Human Development at The Pennsylvania State University. Erin also currently serves as a treasurer for the Board for Huntington’s Disease Society of America.